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Permian Basin Bookies is an eclectic group of authors composed of authors from all over West Texas. The Midland Quilters Guild is a monthly member organization that meets to present and share their latest projects, exchange ideas and share their love of art and quilting.

The club hosts a series of public art performances featuring artists from all over the United States. The gallery also hosts the Midland Fall Art Showcase, a monthly art exhibition at the gallery that showcases works by artists from across Texas.

The exhibition, organized by the Museum of International Folk Art, shows 46 color photos accompanied by selected miniature dichos - loaded vehicles. The exhibition includes more than 1,000 photographs documenting the history of the border with Mexico, which stretches from coast to coast and from border to border.

The images of American Indians in the region are recognized by their painted images, and Harvey's work shows his efforts to preserve his culture and the stories of his people. The tiny canvases, each measuring less than 9 square centimetres, appear even more detailed when enlarged. His broad brushstrokes and vivid colors express his passion for the history and culture of Texas, which is expressed in his paintings.

Sheldon also attributes his talents to the history of his family and the history of Texas as a whole, and his love of art.

In his early years, Herb worked in various occupations, including as a driver of a Coca-Cola truck and even for a short time on his first wife's family farm. His hobbies include hunting for Indian artifacts, reading novels and poems, and listening to music of all kinds. Herb has an enormous love for God and for creatures, which is reflected in his paintings. He draws his inspiration for his painting and wood sculpture from the history of his family and his love for nature and the nature around him.

The information workshop will be a challenging learning experience for everyone, as so much of it is new even to experienced painters. They learn how to measure, work with surfaces and work on the surface of the painting. Pamela Nelson has taught at museums and colleges and launched a program to teach art to homeless artists.

She was a member of the US Commission for the Visual Arts in Washington, D.C., and received an invitation to meet with them each month to examine the art and architecture of Washington. She recently had a commission at DFW Airport and was working on behalf of the new terminal building at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

The Cultural Council plays a central role in awarding grants to local organisations and in supporting local arts groups in their cooperation. It also produces original art programs that encourage participation in the arts, including a ballet and dance performance at the Texas Museum of Contemporary Art in Dallas-Fort Worth and the Dallas Art Museum in Austin. The Arts Council of Greater Dallas, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit arts organization, includes more than 1,000 artists, musicians, dancers and musicians. Her programs include ballet, dance and performance, as well as art education and public relations.

The Live Stage Perm Basin Series presents national and international artists who provide educational and cultural enjoyment for the community. The annual series of six concerts at the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center brings together audiences and artists to experience performances from dance, music, theater, comedy, sketch comedy and other forms of entertainment. Every year, the centre hosts special events, including concerts, dance performances, workshops and workshops for children and adults, as well as a variety of events for adults.

McCormick Art Gallery is located in the Midland Perm Basin Center for the Arts, north of Wagner's Noel Performing Arts Center, and houses exhibits such as the Studio 3600 series, which showcases student works in a solo setting. The Student Art Shows, including a free lunch, showcase the work of talented students. This Midlands Shared Spaces gallery has temporary exhibitions throughout the year and features a variety of local artists, including artists from the University of Texas at Austin, Texas A & M University and the College of Arts and Sciences. These organizations include the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Texas Art Museum and Texas State University.

The Rea Music Academic Center, which also houses administrative offices and offices, offers music students classrooms and rehearsal rooms. Founded in 1992 by Judy Coleman, the organization offers highly qualified technical training, including ballet, contemporary dance and Pilates, and presents live dance performances with guest artists from major ballet companies.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2012, the Wagner - Noel Performing Arts Center has expanded the cultural horizon of Midland - Odessa with a variety of community and regional events, including concerts, dance performances, art exhibitions and cultural events. The Centre improves the quality of life in the community by creating artistic and educational opportunities, promoting self-esteem and pride among multicultural groups and promoting cultural efficiency.

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