Midland Texas Weather

Heavy rain is approaching the Southeast, with heavy rain and thunderstorms possible in some parts of southeast Texas on Wednesday and Thursday.

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This dashboard provides a graphic representation of the current weather forecast for your region, but the output may differ from the man-made forecast page on this page.

This road weather will be updated and modified shortly so that the output may differ from the forecast. This animated graphic representation of the previous one-hour radar, represented in the numerical model. We use the latest weather data available on the Man-made Forecast page, but we use the latest weather forecasts for your region as well as the forecasts for the next few days.

Watch this video as Chief Meteorologist Steve Udelson shows you how to use the free WSOC - TV Weather app. Please regularly review the updated information on this and other emergencies related to surrounding Potter County, TX.

Get ready for Odessa, Texas, as we bring you the latest weather information from Texas A & M University College of Meteorology and the National Weather Service. To view static radar images with dbz- and Vcp-measurements, you can view other radar models of Odenna, Texas, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Odessa - Potter County radar model for the area. We provide current animated maps of the current weather conditions in the region (see the animated loop below). We also provide an updated, up-to-date - animated map of our radar data for Potter and Potter Counties.

Below is the Texas Conventional Sewer System statewide, followed by the Texas Fire Department frequencies, sorted by county, for each county. View current weather conditions for Potter and Potter Counties with dbz- and Vcp-measurements in Odenna, Texas, and the Odessa - Potter County area.

The slow loading can be noticed by residents of Odenna, Potter County and surrounding areas at times they are active, as well as by visitors to the area. This may differ from human - derived, not human - sources such as wind turbines, hydroelectric power plants, or natural gas generators.

Plan your trip with the channel's most reliable weather radar, the Atlanta Weather Channel. Use it for everything you need to be ready for any day of the way or weekend. Plan your travels with him or use him in conjunction with your local weather station, such as the Houston Weather Station or the Corpus Christi Weather Center.

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Hurricane tracking live from the Corpus Christi Weather Center and Houston Weather Station with interactive radar for the Atlanta Weather Channel area. A map of the path and route of Hurricane Harvey for Houston, Corpus Christi and other parts of the Texas Panhandle on this map.

Hurricane tracking live from the Corpus Christi Weather Center and Houston Weather Station on KPRC 2 and Click2Houston. View of Houston and surrounding area with interactive radar for the Atlanta Weather Channel.

In the Amarillo, Texas Panhandle region, KVII serves the city and surrounding cities such as Canyon and Hereford. NewsChannel 10 is a Texas-based news, weather and sports news station that also covers the Houston, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth and San Antonio metro stations. VIPIR radar live and rated for extended coverage of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Dakota.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Midland, the hottest months are August, June and then July. If you are looking for dry weather conditions, November, February, June is the warmest time of the year, with temperatures between mid - and - 80 ° C. According to this figure, a "very warm" time to visit the Middle East is in early June or early September, and the "coldest" times to visit are the end of July and early August.

The Midland is characterised by balmy conditions in autumn and spring, with only about 14 cm of rain a year. After a hot summer with low humidity and plenty of sunshine, it gets warmer again in late summer and early autumn. Amarillo is the second driest city in Texas, with an average annual rainfall of just over 1.5 inches.

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More About Midland